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16/08/2018 - Sharon and Ivor Carr - Sharon and Ivor Carr thank all those wonderful people who helped and supported us in a myriad of different ways during Sharon’s period of immobility. Almost feeling normal now. So glad to be members of the Young Israel community.

05/07/2018 - Joyce Berman - I have 90 hearing aid batteries size 13 to give to anyone using a hearing aid which takes size 13 batteries. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Chairman's Notes - July 2018 - Menachem Av 5778

Dear Friends,

I have a few updates for you.

The key piece of information that I want to let you know is that the Shul has acquired new carpets. They were ordered and installed recently. The colour is similar to what we had. We have received many comments about the carpets being worn out and so they needed replacing.

You will have noticed that we recently installed an extra railing down the stairs outside the Shul. The ground had become slippery in the wet, and some people have also had problems even when it is dry. Hopefully the way they have been situated will obviate any problems for our members.

I am really pleased that our Chatanim will be Rabbi Boudilovsky as Chatan Torah, Anthony Felix as Chatan Bereshit. I will not go into any details here, as there will be plenty of information in the Rosh Hashanah magazine, but I want to congratulate both gentlemen.

Our new Administrator, Gillian Amroon, is settling down well and has spent a lot of time with Sue Levy in order to familiarise herself with the functions in the role. Gillian will be on vacation for the last two weeks of August and Sue has agreed to cover the position for that period. This will be with the same office hours as Gillian is working. Many thanks to Sue for her help.

I hope you manage to stay reasonably cool over the summer months. Rosalind and I are going to London to see our children and grandchildren, and some friends. The heatwave seems to have broken there, but the weather seems set fair for the time we are in London, so for once we are not having to take raincoats.

Kind Regards,



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