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30/11/2017 - Susan and Robert Hodes - Appreciation - Susan and Robert Hodes would like to thank Sue Levy, Joanna Rosenberg and Paula Edery and her team of ladies for the special efforts they made to make our Kiddush so memorable. It was greatly appreciated.

30/11/2017 - Rochelle and Anthony Selby - Appreciation - Rochelle and Anthony Selby and their grandchildren would like to thank the Shul very much for the sefarim given to them, greatly appreciated.

02/11/2017 - Aubrey Blitz - Appreciation - A heartfelt thank you to Hilary Dritz and her amazing group of assistants for the most delightful kiddush which they arranged to celebrate my 90th on Shabbat Lech Lecha. The food was so nicely arranged and so quickly consumed,a great tribute to the taste. May you and your so willing helpers be blessed with many years of good health to continue their so readily given help to a uniquely warm Community that YINN surely is. Aubrey Blitz.

19/10/2017 - Ruth and Alan Gold - Appreciation - This year’s Simchat Torah was one of the most memorable and enjoyable days of our lives and we were privileged to share it both with our own children and grandchildren as well as with the warm and supportive family that is YINN. It was an immense honour to be chosen as Chatan Bereshit for the kehilla and we are so grateful for all the greetings, messages, gifts and charitable donations made on this occasion and thankful to everyone who helped make this such a special day. Shabbat Shalom to you all. Ruth and Alan Gold.

19/10/2017 - Paula and Asher Edery - Appreciation - We would like to thank Rabbi Boudilovsky, the Chairman and the Board of the YINN, the ladies from the Irgun Nashim and all our friends and family who made our שמחת תורה unforgettable. As I said at our kiddush on the occasion of our 50th wedding anniversary, we have only been here 5 years and we have made so many, many wonderful friends!! And Asher being חתן תורה was such a big כבוד that was given to him, so wonderful so emotional!! You all really made our day and we thank all of you so very much for your gifts, your gifts to charity, flowers, and good wishes!!! Soon we will be going to Holland for a week, for the Bar Mitzva of our first grandson, another simcha to celebrate!! But we will be back. Let's hope and pray we will be able to spend many more שמחות in good health together with you all!! Love and Shabbat Shalom, Paula and Asher Edery.

12/10/2017 - Renee Rabinowitz Feigenbaum - Appreciation - We would like to thank Rabbi Boudilovsky and the many many people who extended a friendly hand to David during his illness. Your kind words of bereavement at this time are greatly appreciated. Renee Rabinowitz Feigenbaum and family.