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27/12/2019 - David Sagal - Dear Young Israel management and community, on behalf of myself, my brothers Jeffrey and Monty and the whole Sagal family, I wish to thank you for the warmth and support you gave our parents Max and Miriam Sagal z"l over the last 12 years. From the time they moved to Netanya, the community has been wonderful, with offers of help, good advice and friendship.

YINN is not just a shul, but a vibrant, active and supportive community, just like a large Jewish family should be. My parents took full advantage of your facilities, religious services, trips, shiurim, lectures, shows, socials events and the birthday kiddushim. In later times, my mother took advantage of the Ladies Keep Fit classes and had hospital visits from community members.

During the shiva week, the community made sure we had a minyan for all prayers and hot, tasty meals were delivered from the community.

Dad appreciated the opportunity to commemorate Mum’s life with a window in the shul’s main entrance.

And lots lots more …….

May the YINN Community go from strength to strength.

My father’s stone setting will be at the Netanya Cemetery (Vatikim) on Friday 3rd January 2020 at 10:00 am. Thank you all again for such a warm and welcoming community.

Yours Sincerely, David Sagal.

12/12/2019 - Sharon Carr - I would like to thank Rabbi Boudilovsky and this wonderful community for their messages, phone calls and even home visits after the passing of my dear Father, in Manchester. They were very comforting. I feel blessed to belong to such a wonderful and caring community.

05/12/2019 - Sheila Levitt - together with her children Rhona (Schuz) and Ian, would like to thank Rabbi Boudilovsky, the Board of Management and the community for their wonderful support on the passing of her dear husband Danny on 19th November. Despite the fact that nearly 60 members of the community were on the Eilat holiday, we managed to get minyanim every day and wonderful food was delivered daily (as organised by Phyllis Carr). It is indeed an honour and a blessing to belong to such a caring community.

05/12/2019 - Phyllis Carr - I, on behalf of the Young Israel Community, would like to thank the literally dozens of helpers who have come forward to volunteer to make meals for mourners in the community. I know it is much appreciated by the families concerned. Recently there has been a spate of members passing away. Let us hope that we can now only join in smachot together.

05/12/2019 - Avril and Neville Gatoff - would like to thank Rabbi Boruch Boudilovsky and our wonderful Community, too many people to mention by name, for their support and good wishes during Neville’s recent stay in hospital. We are very proud to be part of this amazing and caring community.