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19/10/2017 - Ruth and Alan Gold - Appreciation - This year’s Simchat Torah was one of the most memorable and enjoyable days of our lives and we were privileged to share it both with our own children and grandchildren as well as with the warm and supportive family that is YINN. It was an immense honour to be chosen as Chatan Bereshit for the kehilla and we are so grateful for all the greetings, messages, gifts and charitable donations made on this occasion and thankful to everyone who helped make this such a special day. Shabbat Shalom to you all. Ruth and Alan Gold.

19/10/2017 - Paula and Asher Edery - Appreciation - We would like to thank Rabbi Boudilovsky, the Chairman and the Board of the YINN, the ladies from the Irgun Nashim and all our friends and family who made our שמחת תורה unforgettable. As I said at our kiddush on the occasion of our 50th wedding anniversary, we have only been here 5 years and we have made so many, many wonderful friends!! And Asher being חתן תורה was such a big כבוד that was given to him, so wonderful so emotional!! You all really made our day and we thank all of you so very much for your gifts, your gifts to charity, flowers, and good wishes!!! Soon we will be going to Holland for a week, for the Bar Mitzva of our first grandson, another simcha to celebrate!! But we will be back. Let's hope and pray we will be able to spend many more שמחות in good health together with you all!! Love and Shabbat Shalom, Paula and Asher Edery.

12/10/2017 - Renee Rabinowitz Feigenbaum - Appreciation - We would like to thank Rabbi Boudilovsky and the many many people who extended a friendly hand to David during his illness. Your kind words of bereavement at this time are greatly appreciated. Renee Rabinowitz Feigenbaum and family.

28/09/2017 - Hazel Broch - Appreciation - On behalf of my niece Marlene Davies (my late sister Edna's a"h daughter) and myself, words fail me to express to all of you, Rabbi Boudilovsky, Hon.Officers, Members of the Board and the YINN Community our sincerest thanks for the enormous support you gave us by your phone calls, letters and emails, on the sad passing of my dear sister Edna a"h. All the messages and contacts helped to comfort us greatly during our time of sorrow. Now at this time, the New Year, we not only thank you all, but we also take the opportunity to hope that the New Year will be filled with good health, happiness, success and above all peace for all Israel. With our grateful thanks and best wishes to you all. Hazel Broch and Marlene Davies.

14/09/2017 - Vivienne & Charles Oster - Appreciation - Vivienne & Charles Oster have great pleasure in thanking their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and all their dear family and friends for the flowers, greetings, many gifts to charity and good wishes on the celebration of their Diamond wedding anniversary. May we all be blessed to celebrate together future smachot. At the same time we wish Rabbi Boruch & Esther Boudilovsky and their family together with all our fellow congregants Shana Tova and may the coming year be a peaceful one.

14/09/2017 - David Rapport - Appreciation - Mimi Rapport and family would like to thank the community for their very much needed and much appreciated support during the last several months. Our thanks to all those who visited Gerald z"l during his hospitalisation. Our thanks to Sheila and Danny Levitt and their dedicated volunteer drivers for taking Mimi to Tel Hashomer every day for 6 weeks and our thanks to all who comforted us and to those who continue to show their ongoing support.

14/09/2017 - Ruth Gouldman - YINN WhatsApp Group - I think it would be a good idea to start a YINN WhatsApp group for people who are going to their local kupat cholim. The idea is that people with cars would post a notice when they are going to their clinic or doctor, and anyone going at that time could contact them and get a lift with them. Similarly, anyone needing a lift could post a notice and see if anyone can help them. This is for local visits only. Anyone interested in joining this group, either as a driver or not, please contact Ruth Gouldman on WhatsApp on 0547-597-29 and leave your full name on the message. I will then add you to the group and we can begin to help each other.