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Chairman's Notes - December 2017 - Tevet 5778

Dear Friends,

I see that I have not sent anything out to you since Rosh Hashanah. Well, as we move into 2018 there are many things that will be happening about which I would like to inform you.

Shul Dinner
At the Shul dinner on Friday, January 5th, we have invited Phyllis and Michael Plaskow to be our guests of honour. Michael has been leading the Daf Yomi shiur for over 12 years and he will not be continuing with this after the completion of the current masechta in the middle of January. We felt that the forthcoming dinner would be an ideal occasion to honour Michael and to thank him for all his work over these past 12 years.

Gordon Weinberg ז"ל
On Sunday, January 14th, at 7:30pm, we will be commemorating Gordon Weinberg ז"ל by holding an event in the Shul, at which a plaque will be placed on the side of the seat he occupied for many years, in his memory. There will be refreshments in the George Goddard Hall after the ceremony. I look forward to seeing many of our members attending, as he had such a lot of friends in the community.

Tu Bishvat
The annual Tu Bishvat event will take place on Tuesday, January 30th at 7:45pm. It will be another Roots evening, which has proved to be very successful in the past. Full details will be issued soon but I wanted you to be able to note this date in your diaries.

Shabbaton Choir
You will no doubt have heard that the Shabbaton Choir will be coming to Israel. We are privileged that they will be in Netanya for Shabbat, February 9th/10th. YINN, together with the New Synagogue, are arranging services, a Shabbat evening dinner, Shabbat morning kiddush and a concert Motza'ei Shabbat.

The service on Friday evening will be at YINN. Mincha will commence 10 minutes earlier than in the schedule, at 4:55pm, as the service is expected to be extended by a few minutes with the Choir participation. After the service, there will be a dinner in the Sea Park Hotel, which will be a self service buffet. The choir will sing at the dinner, and we are hoping that many of the members from both synagogues will want to attend. We are still working on the price of the dinner, we will let you know as soon as we can. Friday night is being arranged by YINN.

The Choir will be participating in the morning service at the New Synagogue, after which there will be a kiddush there. Arnold Kaplan is celebrating his second barmitzvah and he and Ayala are sponsoring the kiddush. We expect that many of the YINN members will want to attend that service, but we obviously need to hold a Shabbat morning service at YINN, after which a cake and wine kiddush will be held. Whilst the service at YINN will commence at 8am as usual, the service at the New Synagogue will commence at 8:15am, in order to allow those people attending the service at YINN, wishing to go to the New Synagogue kiddush, to arrive in time to be able to participate in the latter part of the service there and then to enjoy the kiddush afterwards. Shabbat morning is being arranged by the New Synagogue.

The concert after Shabbat will commence at 8:15pm and will cost NIS 100 per person. This is sure to be a great event. Publicity for the weekend will follow when it has been completed and there will be a team of people arranging for the marketing of the dinner and the concert. The concert is being arranged by the New Synagogue.

Yom Hashoa
The Yom Hashoa service will be in YINN this year. In previous years, the list of names of people for remembrance has only included the families from the New Synagogue. We want to ensure going forward that the names of those members of YINN who want to remember their families who were murdered in the Shoa will be included. If you wish to participate, please send an email to our Administrator, Sue Levy, at the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She will set up all the names in a spreadsheet, which will then be made ready for inclusion at the service. An announcement will be made in Shul in due course for those members who do not receive the Chairman's Notes articles.

As always, if anyone has any comments or suggestions to make, please contact me by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kind regards and Shabbat Shalom,



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