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Chairman's Notes - October 2017 - Tishrei 5778

Dear Friends,

We have now passed through the majority of the month of Tishrei, all the Chagim have been completed, the weather has become really lovely - the half hour of heavy rain on Monday morning did not dampen the Succot spirits. Hopefully you have enjoyed the period, wherever you were, especially if with your families.

I hope that you found Tuesday evening's Hoshana Rabba learning sessions uplifting and inspiring. I certainly did - many thanks to Rabbi Boudilovsky for arranging an excellent learning evening.

There is an important change that is going to be made in the George Goddard Hall within the next week or so, about which you need to know.

A third fire escape is to be built in the George Goddard Hall, which will only be used if evacuation of the hall is necessary - it is NOT to be used as a regular exit. It will be situated at the third set of windows on the right when entering the hall from the entrance near the lift. It will consist of two metal staircases, each with hand rails, leading to two separate glass doors which will replace the existing windows. The Shul's security officer estimates that at least a third of the people in the hall would choose the new fire escape in an emergency, greatly reducing the number of people choosing the existing escape routes.

Having celebrated with the Chatanim, Asher Edery and Alan Gold, we will look forward to the Shul sponsored kiddush in their honour on October 21st. It is always a pleasure to honour hard working members of the community and Asher and Alan perfectly fit into that category.

As we enter the sedra of Bereishit this week, the new year's cycle begins and we can look forward to further interesting times in the Shul with the Tarbut lecture series to start shortly, which should not be missed.

As always, if anyone has any comments or suggestions to make, please contact me.

Kind regards,



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