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Chairman's Notes - January 2019 - Shevat 5779

Dear Friends,

It is quite a while since I last sent out a Chairman's Notes article but, as there are some exciting new programmes and events either scheduled or in the planning stages, it makes good sense to send one out now. There are also a couple of updates to note.

The annual Tu BiShvat Roots event will be on Sunday, January 20th, in the George Goddard Hall, commencing at 7:30pm. Speakers are still being finalised but the event is ready to be booked, and a letter will be going out imminently. The evening will cost NIS 40 per person and bookings can be made directly with the Shul office.

The dinner designed for French speakers on Friday, January 25th is only a few days away from closure of bookings. If you wish to attend this, please inform the Shul office.

As you will be aware, the Friday night dinner that was held last November was the final one to be organised by Sandra Rabinowitz. Sandra has been running these for some years, initially with her dear husband Arnold (ז"ל), then after he sadly passed away she continued to do this in his memory. Sandra now feels that she is unable to continue and we organised and presented a lovely certificate to her at the dinner, to thank her for all her efforts over the years, which was designed by our guru Anthony Felix. I am pleased to announce that Vivienne Simenoff has agreed to take on this role for the community and the first dinner will be on Friday, April 5th - please note this date in your diaries.

We are planning to run a New Members evening at some point before Pesach. We did this in 2017 and agreed that this would be done every two years. At the event, all the various groups and chugim will give short presentations and hopefully many of the new members over the past two years will decide to become involved in the communal activities. We decided that, this time, we would invite the general membership to the event, as in this way the new members will be able to meet those who have been members for many years.

We are planning to show the film Hidden Face, about the Sanz Rebbe. The Admor of Sanz-Klausenburg was a Rabbi who experienced personal devastation and despite this succeeded in rehabilitating his own life and that of his Chassidic community. Through his heroic story, the film presents the narratives of the Holocaust as told by different members of the ultra-Orthodox community. The film presents the complex relationship between ultra-Orthodox Jews and the Holocaust. Through rare archival footage and interviews with Sanz Chassidim it reveals the ways they experienced the revival and spiritual victory over the Nazis and passed it on to the ensuing generations, whilst dealing with the biggest question of all - where was G-d during the Holocaust? We are also looking to have some people give short presentations who have been involved with the Sanz community. Dates are being checked in order to ensure that this will not clash with events that other English speaking organisations in Netanya are running. We need to determine the charge for the evening, as there is a licence fee to show the film. So watch this space - we are hoping that this will be a very good event.

At the last Yachad (Association for Wellbeing for Israeli Soldiers) event in December, the Shul Charity Committee, sponsored a scholarship for a soldier to go to university, and this was presented to the association by Anthony Felix, the chairman of the committee.

Please note that Gerald Barnett is responsible for the Shul maintenance. Please refer to him for any issues that you think need attention. Gerald is also responsible for the Shabbat Seuda Shlishit rota, so if any gentlemen wish to join the rota, please contact Gerald.

I know that the weather is cold and not very pleasant at present, but the Shul continues to thrive, both in religious and social aspects. Long may it do so.

Kind Regards,



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