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Chairman's Notes - July 2017 - Menachem Av 5777

Dear Friends,

I hope that you are enjoying our summer, despite the multiple instances of sad news recently. Particularly with regard to Gordon Weinberg ז"ל, with whom I worked very closely for the past few years, he gave me a lot of good advice. He was chairman for two three year periods, he did an enormous amount for the Shul and he will be sorely missed by the community. And now as I write this, Jos Bortz ז"ל, whom I was unfortunately not privileged to know personally, but who I am aware was one of the initial founders of the Shul, and after whom the Bortz Study Room is dedicated.

I have an important announcement for you. During the month of August, the Shabbat kiddushim in the George Goddard Hall are expected to be very crowded. In order to alleviate this problem, the Board of Management have decided to hold a Shabbat Hashkamah service commencing at 6:30am in the Bortz Study Room for each of the Shabbatot in the month. Immediately after the service there will be a kiddush. The expected completion time will be 8:30am, in time for the Youth Minyan to start. Please note that the main Shul service is unaffected and will continue to commence at 8am.

As the membership of the Shul continues to grow, other additional measures are being investigated in order to keep our members comfortable and safe in the George Goddard Hall.

I hope you manage to stay cool during these hottest months of the year.

Kind regards,



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